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Path to Self-Realization and Universal Oneness

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Path to Self-Realisation and Universal Oneness
As a child, Joke ElZiam Nootebos received the mission to create Oneness in the world. Having followed her own path of realisation and spiritual ascension, Joke set out to joyfully connect heart, business, higher consciousness, nature and spiritual realms. This mission led her to Veelerveen in the Netherlands, a beautiful natural setting on which the Elohim Centre was built and continues to evolve.

Creating The Power Place

Joke began by performing healings using crystals, gave intuitive readings and hosted workshops. Later, Joke became enlightened and a channel for the Source, Angelic Kingdoms and Mother Earth. During some special channelling events, a powerful healing energy field entered into the Earth, a crystalline vortex spiralling high into the Source and deep into the crystal core of Mother Earth. This energy field penetrates all dimensions, the Divine and Angelic Kingdoms, benevolent realms and elemental powers of the Earth. 

Contrary to other power places, people can feel not only cosmic light coming from above but also from the Earth below, which is very special and pure. Within the crystalline energy vortex, the Elohim Centre and Sacred Site, along with the first healing gardens were opened in 1989.

The Sacred Site of 5,5 hectares is meant for planetary and individual enlightenment. Mystery schools, the Kabbalah, Knowledge and Magic from Atlantis, Egypt, Sumeria, India, China, Iran as well as the nature Shamanistic Knowledge of the Druids are anchored in the Elohim Centre in a new way.


Not so long ago, big geometric forms were placed on the Sacred Site and activated by Joke through channeling the Source. The time is now here to use this male Source energy, this creative spark to take the next step in self-realisation. Guests can sit and meditate inside the large geometric forms. The Sacred Site includes 27 healing gardens. Together with the ecological and self-sustaining environment, it makes this Sacred Site a powerpoint for the New World.
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Together we build a new world

The Elohim team consists of enthusiastic staff members and volunteers from all over the world who share the same passion. Together they work in cooperation with Mother Earth, the Nature Spirits and the Cosmic Light Beings. The staff members give teachings and healings. They coach the volunteers to stimulate their talents during their work in the restaurant, B&B, campsite, organic vegetable gardens, the crystal shop, making organic tinctures, etc. Everybody practice open communication from the sensitive soul. All have the same intention: to find their life’s purpose, to evolve their talents, to enjoy life and to work and live happily together in Unity. Students, volunteers and guests are guided on their paths to self-realisation and shifting their awareness from a ‘me’ feeling to a ‘we’ feeling – the feeling of universal Oneness.

If you wish to live and work in Oneness and want to make the world a happier place, then we look forward to welcoming you!!!


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