Chakra Healing Gardens

Chakra's 3Beatiful chakra healing gardens
At the Elohim sacred site we have created beautiful chakra healing gardens, each with its own unique style and energy system. Put your old habits, inner obstacles and unbalancing energies behind you by staying at the Elohim centre or by visiting as often as you can. Soon after, you will find it easy to be your true, happy self again. You will realise what has been keeping you from establishing true relationships and fulfilling your soul purpose.The Elohim Nature Spirits and Angels assist visitors in various, extraordinary ways. Visitors can experience healings, visions, energies, intense contact with nature and much more. After every visit to our gardens, you will feel the healing energies travel home with you and positively effect your life.

Base Chakra - Kundalini Garden

To who and what are you giving your attention, energy and time while it costs you more energy than you gain? Do you have difficulty with rules, influence or the dominance of others?

Sacral Chakra - Joy Garden

Are jealous feelings bothering you? Do you feel that you are too sensitive or perhaps not sensitive enough?


Solar Plexus Chakra - Full Potential Garden

Do you want to live free from feelings of anxiety? Do you want to take initiative and no longer feel victimized?

Heart Chakra - Willingness Garden

Is your heart all the time adapting to others? Are you feeling lonely or depressed?

Throat Chakra - Rainbow Bridge Garden

Can you show your emotions and vulnerability? Are you not supporting your inner child because you want and need to do too much?

Third Eye Chakra - Creative Power Garden

Do you tend to function from your mind, own-will and opinion and less from your gut/heart feeling? Would you like to trust what your heart and inner guidance are telling you?  

Crown Chakra - Absolution - Final Initiation Garden

Do you lack the energy to fulfil your life? Do you find it hard to believe in yourself?