Throat Chakra – Rainbow Bridge Garden

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An open, active and clean throat chakra makes you accept the natural flow of life. You feel free to express yourself clearly and confidently in many ways. Speaking from the heart feels natural and logical. You say whatever needs to be said, you will no longer stay invisible. You accept your cosmic responsibility and position. Creating from your inner autonomy and Source will feel easy and the right. The throat chakra – rainbow bridge garden helps you to stand up and to no longer submit to social adjustments when that tires you out and keeps you from your true self (goal). You can express your emotions and vulnerability and it helps you to bring your personal will, responsibility and effort in oneness with the Source and flow. You will develop clear Gifts, male and female unity, crystalline self, mastery, magical child and an environment of inspired communication.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the throat – rainbow bridge – chakra garden can be physically experienced by visiting the sacred Elohim gardens and by means of our own specially produced organic tincture.

Do you recognise yourself in any of the following?

Can you show your emotions and vulnerability?Do you feel that you have to do everything yourself and keep it together for others?
Are you not supporting your inner child because you want and need to do too much?Do you feel invisible? Are you letting yourself be influenced too much?
Are you overly nervous, caring or dominant?Do you have difficulty showing what you want or how you truly feel?
Are you afraid to speak directly?Are you bothered by a painful neck, cold hands, sore throat, eyes, ears or thyroid gland?
Do you have too many obligations, responsibilities or work pressures?Do you no longer want to be socially submissive?

The Throat – Rainbow Bridge Chakra Garden and Organic Tincture offer you the following for your Healing and Development:

  • Internal and external communication with your soul and crystalline self
  • Speaking directly from your heart and not holding feelings inside
  • Acknowledging undercurrents and being open to your crystalline sensitivity
  • Speaking and creating from your inner autonomy and Source
  • Developing clear speech, clair voyance, healing gifts and mastery
  • Fewer responsibilities and obligations thanks to the freedom of your higher self
  • Accepting cosmic responsibility and position
  • Accepting the flow of Life
  • Male and female unity
  • Not flowing with egos or dense surroundings
  • Alignment, anchoring in your blueprint, living consciously in all your dimensions
  • Transcending fear and sad memories
  • Putting yourself out there, no longer being socially submissive
  • Going over the rainbow bridge to the selfless land of Surrender
  • Being able to put your personal will in the hands of the Divine Will


Additional Information
On a physical level, an opened throat chakra activates and harmonizes: hearing, jaws, teeth, thyroid gland, neck pain, allergy and sinus.