Base Chakra – Kundalini Garden

Basis chakra 2015(1)Core themes of the Base chakra – Kundalini healing garden

  • To who and what are you giving your attention, energy and time; and is it costing you more energy than you are gaining?
  • Do you have difficulty with rules, influence or the dominance of others?
  • Are you constantly withdrawing or placing yourself in the spotlight?
  • Do you have a small sense of your own core? Are you everywhere except with yourself?
  • Are you aware of what your purpose or mission is? Who you are and why you are here?

The self-realization and healing energy can be physically experienced in the gardens of the Elohim Sacred Site and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.

The Base chakra – Kundalini self-realisation garden and organic tincture help to further your healing and development in the following ways:

  • Step by step your Kundalini energy will start to flow
  • Grounding, peace, feeling truly home with and in yourself
  • You’ll have the courage to stand up and choose your own path
  • This garden supports you to take the next step, to take on greater responsibilities and to take up your life’s challenge
  • Embodiment of softness, enlightened state, own core, surrender
  • Unity with the Light-world and Divine powers in daily live
  • Living in the moment, in the now
  • In this garden you can call for help in attracting and dealing with money or other matters which you desire

Physical and mental effects

  • Enhances the mental, emotional and physical immune system
  • Be free of stress, worries or fear of failure
  • Reduces fatique problems, chronical diseases, blather, knee and hip
  • Enhances the blood quality, blood circulation, iron absorption