Heart Chakra – Willingness Garden

Hart chakra 2015Significance of the Heart Chakra
A strong and vivid heart chakra makes us calm, open and objective. We are less focused on ourselves and more open – our thinking and feeling are less focused on ‘I’. Our relationships are no longer a series of pushing and pulling. When our heart chakra is developed, we radiate love, harmony and positivity. A healing power arises within us. We sense more, give warmth, care and love, have faith and we are satisfied and helpful without self-denial or personal sacrifice. We replace feelings of being closed, hurt, unsafe, sad or unsatisfied with nurturing connections, happiness and gratefulness. You will find it easy to share your thoughts and to connect with other people.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the heart chakra can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of the Elohim Sacred Site and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.


Do you recognise the following feelings?

Is your heart constantly adapting to meet the hearts of others?Would you like to learn to attract or give love in a natural way?
Would you like to open your heart more?Would you like to dissolve the doubts between your heart and mind?
Are you lonely or depressed?Are you afraid of abandonment, rejection or unconditional connection?


The Heart Chakra – Willingness Garden and Organic Tincture offer you the following for your further Healing and Development:

  • You no longer just give away your power, strength and love
  • Let your head merge with your heart
  • Stop attracting people who want to take advantage of your heart
  • Naturally attract support for what your heart desires
  • Healing of internal and external love situations and (old) heartaches
  • Higher guidance anchors your Base-Solar Plexus chakras and brings safety to your open heart and inner child
  • Being able to stay transparent and non-dual in difficult situations
  • Being open to different opinions, human beings or the unseen world without reservation
  • Helps you to easily connect, give yourself and bare your thoughts
  • When your aura is not radiating a positive invitation to others
  • When you want to feel less vulnerable and dependent on others
  • When you want to feel and give more love
  • From learned love to Divine Love
  • Differences dissolve between heart and thinking
  • Express what touches your heart positively and negatively
  • Physical: lung issues, blood circulation, pressure between the shoulders or immunity problems

Additional Information
The Heart Chakra Garden and healing tincture found at Elohim, helps us to develop from self-interest to the barter system and then to our selfless open ‘we’ heart while conserving our uniqueness and boundaries. Our thinking and our feeling will be less focused on ‘I’. We become calmer, more open and objective and our relationships no longer end up in pushing and pulling. We become more free of internal and external conflicts, contradictions, negative thoughts, emotions and insecurities. We accept the positive and the negative attributes of others, the world and ourselves. We can throw away our list of relationship conditions.

Even in the initial stages of developing your heart chakra you will notice existing heartache will lighten and you will feel less protective. You trust in what life has in store for you. You trust that your body, heart and gut feeling can perform and act without the mind, in the right way at the right moment. You are no longer kind and friendly because it gives your friends a good feeling, but because we naturally experience warm connections from our heart chakra.

You transcend your dependence on attention, love, money, sex or respect. You no longer act lovingly but are loving.