Self-Realization gardens

christalmandalaBecome your Divine Being
At the Elohim Sacred Site we have several beautiful self-realization gardens. Each garden has its own unique theme, energy and purpose. Cosmic, Divine, higher dimensional and Earthly energies are anchored to the sites and flow freely through the gardens. The self-realisation gardens help you realise the Divine being that you are. Step by step you will be guided and healed by these powerful energies. You will be offered holy initiations. Each garden will give you exactly what you need at that moment in your life. It is a truly magnificent experience.

Below is a description of each garden and it’s unique healing effects.

Star Dodecahedron (Christ consciousness) - Initiation path geometric forms

How much do religions and systems influence your behaviour? Looking forward to God-realization?

Completion Oneness-Consciousness - Eternal Self

Are you tired of thinking in shortages? Are you too focused? Are you waiting too much?  

Initiation Path of the Tetrahedron (Geometric Forms)

Do you want to rise above ego desires? Are you looking for more passion and inspiration?

Cube - Initiation Path - Geometric Form

Do you have trouble standing up for yourself? Do you lack energy, boldness and inner confidence?

Octahedron - Initiation path geometric forms

Do you want to feel one with the All? Problems with trusting others?  

Pentagon Dodecahedron - Initiation path geometric forms

Would you like to reconnect with your true nature? Do you want to work for the unity of the new people and Earth?

Icosahedron - Initiation path geometric forms

Do you want to get rid of your deeper fears? Do you want to develop your empathetic and sensing abilities?

Merkaba - Initiation path geometric forms

Want to break your karmic ties? Are you interested in the wisdom that the Egyptians got from Sirius and the Pleiades?

Garden of Elves - Inner Child

Is your sensitivity causing you to feel unsafe? Does this go unnoticed by others? Would you like to live by your gut feelings, with softness and subtleness?  

Forest of Trolls - Freedom

Do you often have heavy thoughts and emotions? Do you worry a lot? Do you often compare yourself with others?

Enlightened Sexuality - Power of Co-Creation

Do you want to feel and experience your own authenticity? Are you ready for an enlightened relationship but its not happening for you?

Merlin - Merlina

Do you believe in impossibilities instead of possibilities? Do you want to feel your magical child again?

Great Pyramid & Ra Initiation

Do you feel a disconnection between your I-core and your True Self? Are there any negative identifications, ego-attachments or needs that you would like to be free of?

Pillar of Light - Sekinah

Are you “different”, more sensitive, intuitive and conscious? Do you sense thoughts, spheres or nature and does your system strongly react to positive or negative energy?

Twin Ray & Inner Sacred Marriage

Are you deeply touched by a twin-soul? Do you love the other more than he/she loves you?

Golden Mother Earth

Would you like to engage in relationships and sexuality from the laws and integrity of your soul, instead of from the personality? Is your crystalline self not yet fully opened for the deeper passion, intimacy, connection and surrender of your soul and essence?

Sekhmet - Hathor - Isis - Horus

Egyptian Initiation schools of Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis, Horus, now through the energy of the initiation gardens!

Lemurian Angels - Love Source - Oneness

Are you going through hardship? Does your hart feel locked? Are you somethimes narrow minded?


Crystalline Self - Christ consciousness

Do you want to live from the unconditional Love/Power state of your crystalline Self and Angelic being? Do you feel tired, sick, alone, uninspired?