Sekhmet – Hathor – Isis – Horus

Sekhmet - Hathor2Original Initiation Schooling in your Daily Life
The Sekmet – Hathor – Isis – Horus garden brings cosmic inspiration, healing Gifts, light to your crystalline self, the Christ-power, goodness and a greater insight/overview of your evolutionary path.

The healing energy of this self-realisation garden can be physically experienced at the Elohim Sacred Site and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.

Do you recognize this?
Do you already have a long path of spiritual development behind you?Are you working towards self-realisation but finding that your light fades slightly when faced with relationship or sexual problems?
Are feelings of anger, sorrow, financial insecurity, family troubles or work/health concerns causing your inner strength to weaken?Do you feel that you are destined to travel the whole (Initiation) path and to live from your enlightened state?
Does your mind take over when you are worried?Do you long for permanent, true self-mastery?
Do you desire cosmic inspiration and guidance?


The Sekhmet – Hathor – Isis – Horus Garden and Organic Tincture offer you the following opportunities:

  • Transform unconscious (collective) karmic patterns in your DNA, genetics, behaviours and old conditionings
  • Transform fears relating to authority, personal will, emotion, dual inner child, addiction, attachment to money and matter, (self)judgments, overthinking, dominance and feelings of dependency
  • Purify your blood, bones and joints
  • Stop fearing the influence of others, organisations, radiation and spheres
  • Bring on enlightened insights, relationships and sexuality
  • Find your way past personal I-duality with yourself and your environment to enlightenment
  • Your choices and desires will no longer be based on something or someone outside of yourself
  • Become willing to travel the whole path of purification without holding anything back or needing a safety guarantee/support
  • Embody a spiritual and selfless life
  • Dismantle ego-roles, attitudes, desires or dependent relationships
  • Develop connected (enlightened) relationships and work situations
  • Don’t let your own source-core-truth and inner authority become snowed under
  • Embody Universal Divine LOVE in your behaviour and feeling
  • Balance your magical and crystalline inner child, innocence and purity with your inner adult self
  • Live for energy-work, love-work and contribution to humanity

Additional Information
Sekhmet, the Egyptian fire and lion goddess, helps with the challenges of our lower selves, for example, vulnerability, money, jealousy, lust without love, power struggles, relationship games, manipulation, addiction, aggression, conflicts, dual thoughts and attachments. With the help of Sekhmet, we transform the debris of our ego, the destructive side of our sun-fire, inner child and desire-body into joy, passion, cosmic inspiration and manifestation power.

We offer our lower self to Sekhmet and our dimished love to Hathor, so that our most beautiful love-heart-fire and drive can permanently arise.

Isis brings us Spiritual Fire with Unconditional Love and Horus brings our Cosmic Knowledge, Overview and Mastery. They train us to reserve judgement and live without fear. Our mind and emotional body will serve our unconditional Love, higher integrity and spiritual Truth. Our highest Light, our Ka body, the higher dimensions and enlightened state become our guidance. Our Earthly self or Ba body then aligns with this.

Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis and Horus become one with the Fire Spirit and Love-feeling within us that makes everything ONE. We stop talking about it and start acting! It brings us to the snow white, pure crystalline (Christ) Power of enlightenment (and the last initiation in the Pyramid of the Ultra-Violet Light).

After the purifications/life lessons of Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis and Horus have been completed, the highest Pyramid Ra Initiation follows.

The spiritually advanced may use the Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis, Horus bio-tincture/self-realisation garden together with the Pyramid, Ra bio-tincture/Highest Pyramid, Ra self-realisation garden for a minimum of one year in conjunction with attending the Elohim Initiations workshop.