Crystalline Self – Christ consciousness

Christusgrid + kristallijnen tuin 2015Core themes of Crystalline Self – Christ consciousness garden

  • Do you want to be free of troubling youth experiences and your present feelings of resistance, lack of power, reactive emotions towards executives and loved ones?
  • Do you want to live from the unconditional Love/Power state of your crystalline Self and Angelic being?
  • Are you looking for purpose, and a dynamic, enthusiastic we-feeling?
  • Do you feel tired, sick, alone, uninspired?

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Crystalline Self – Christ consciousness garden can be physically experienced by visiting the sacred site and by means of our own produced organic tinctures.


The Crystalline Self – Christ consciousness self-realisation garden and organic tincture help to further your healing and development in the following ways:

  • This garden isn’t meant to deify the human state, but to recognize the Divine state in you. You’ll also receive the radiating and clear power of your crystalline Self
  • Ask for help to live from a state of Being with the Joy of the Giving Lightbeing, the Christ power inside you
  • This garden brings you the codes for permanent purity, sensitivity, unbound bondage, carrying and guardianship
  • The parting of your higher light bodies, crystalline Self and your earthly self, dissolve
  • Unity arises between your soul, higher self, and your Divine being
  • Your eternal self, Christ- and Avatar consciousness and Oneness Love will merge with your lower chakra’s and inner child
  • You will no longer cling/be attached to quarrel, resistance, sickness, worry, emotions, mood
  • You’ll devote yourself for the highest good of those around you, the group, or organization, without the expectation of them being there for you.
  • You receive guidance to live and function from inner authority, autonomy and Divine Love/Joy/Power, Strength
  • Your I-core, the basis of your live till this day, becomes transparent. You walk the Initiation path of Love, cleansing and service
  • Personal interests and relations, rules and religions no longer precede the Source in you
  • In this garden your higher integrity, openness, we-feeling, straightforwardness, lightness and selflessness, arise. Receive incredible amounts of Universal and Earthly support
  • Cosmic Laws, electrifying Powers, inspiration and spiritual work bring your Divine Spark on Earth. Oneness arises in you with all (un)seen realms. All-oneness
  • You become happy, practical, love full, egoless and dynamic because of the Crystalline energy

Physical and Mental Effects

  • Helps when you are mistrustful, waiting, depressed or unable to open up yourself
  • Supports you when you are tired, sick, fearsome, or pull back easily