Enlightened Sexuality – Power of Co-Creation

verlichte seks en cocoreatie (2)Serve, Create and Collaborate
The Enlightened Sexuality – Power of Co-Creation self-realisation garden brings a state of enlightenment to your base and sacral chakras. This will help you to serve, create and collaborate within your environment from a natural state of being instead of forcing this from your head and shoulders.
This healing garden allows you to please yourself and walk your own path instead of pleasing others. It promotes self-preservation: taking care of your energy levels, light and money. The garden and tincture help you overcome feelings of insecurity, disbelief and unsafeness. You dare to step out of your comfort zone, to take responsibility and spread your wings, to help and assist the community as a light-worker. You will overcome old habits that do not serve you anymore. You will transcend old role expectations, sexual expectations, relational and work expectations. First you will develop your inner sacred marriage, then enlightened sex and relationships become a possible. The Enlightened Sexuality – Power of Co-Creation garden will aid you in your processes.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Enlightened Sexuality – Power of Co-Creation garden can be physically experienced at Elohim and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.

Does this sound like you?

Do you want to feel and experience your own authenticity?Are you ready for an enlightened relationship but its not happening for you?
Do you want to live more from your core, body and Being-state?Do you have the urge to contribute to the ‘new’ human being and Earth, but perhaps don’t know how?

The Enlightened Sexuality – Power of Co-Creation Garden and Organic Tincture offer you the following for your Healing and Development:

  • Attract and connect with others from the fullness and base of your true Nature
  • Fulfil your sexuality (beyond all behavour, inhibition, dependence, craving or roles)
  • Inner peace and your full potential become the basis to manifest and contribute
  • Activate your twin-ray and connect with others that resonate on all of your levels
  • Feel that your inner man is supporting your inner woman and vice versa
  • Your vulnerability and power align and direct themselves outward as one
  • You become aware of your persevering authenticity and purity as radiating power
  • Relationships without masks, attitudes and roles will come into your field
  • Your heart and radiance get wings, which make you very attractive
  • Your manifestation powers arise from your ‘Being’ and the Home of your True Nature (no longer from your head, obligation or personal will)