Merlin – Merlina

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The Merlin-Merlina self-realisation garden helps you to let go of your thoughts about disbeliefs, problems and impossibilities. Instead you will find joy, happiness and light-heartedness. Your magical-child, Gifts of the Gods, Mastership and creation power will be awakened. You will feel confident to create everything you need in accordance with your true-self and life purpose. Merlin and Merlina help you to let go of any attitudes and beliefs you may have regarding impossibilities and impotence. Merlin and Merlina will hand you invisible ethereal crystals, complementary qualities and healing tools!

The self-realisation and healing energy of Merlin and Merlina can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of Elohim and by means of our own produced specially organic tinctures.

Do you see yourself in any of the following?

Do you believe in impossibilities instead of possibilities?Do you want to be a healing channel?
Are you not creating what you desire in your life?Do you want to feel your magical child again?
Are you playfully enjoying life enough?Do you want to receive higher insights?

The Merlin-Merlina Garden and Organic Tincture help you to:

  • Become a healing ‘channel’ in a joyous light-hearted way
  • Awaken your magical, playful and happy inner child
  • Activate Magical Power and energy-work
  • Gain higher insights, information and creation power
  • Transcend all of your karma and be your Radiant self again
  • Create your inner dreams
  • Manifest dragon power, Merlin energy, cosmic mastership and sparkling energy
  • Heal, unburden and liberate your inner child
  • Find inner joy, innocence and trust
  • Play with magical light-orbs, tools and energetic crystals
  • Connect to the Hollow Earth, Dreamtime and your visions