Great Pyramid & Ra Initiation

Grote piramide en Ra 2015True Enlightened Self
The Great Pyramid & Ra Initiation healing garden at the Elohim Power Site activates your self-realisation process step by step leading you to your original God-state. This garden encourages you to continue developing your spiritual life, spiritual gifts and Cosmic awareness and will purify your thoughts, actions and any feelings of disconnection and duality you may carry. It will become easy for you to make the shift from your Ego identification to your True Enlightened Self and God-realization. You will become a “perfect” Being on Earth as you already are in the higher dimensions. Your original kindness, happiness, joyfulness and warm heartedness will fulfill you.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Great Pyramid & Ra Initiation garden can be physically experienced at the Elohim Sacred Site and by means of our own produced specially organic tinctures.

Ask yourself these questions…

Do you feel a disconnection between your I-core and your True Self?Do you get the feeling that you have been placed on Earth for a particular reason?
Are you destined to reach your full potential and create a new society?Are there any negative identifications, ego-attachments or needs that you would like to be free of?

The Great Pyramid & Ra Initiation Garden and Organic Tincture help you to achieve:

  • Immortality, to transcend illness and become fully conscious of your Divinity
  • Open innocence, higher Wisdom, Knowledge, Love, Mastery
  • The Power of ONE, universal Christ, Eternal Self Initiation
  • Higher Gifts, consciousness of other dimensions
  • The silver cord, rainbow bridge (throat chakra) or Antakarana which supports your Ka and Ra body (your Upper world Self and personality become one)
  • The ultraviolet blue pyramid frequencies and activations (2nd Initiation)
  • God-Human status by achieving a permanent embodiment of the ka-body and crystalline (sensitive) body with the intention to complete the full Initiation path
  • Clear consciousness, clear thinking and clear feeling, healing gifts and spiritual life
  • Communication with blue Divine Beings in order to see the complete incarnation plan of many life times
  • No longer being a victim of disease, aging, linear time, fear and separation
  • Grand creative God powers, energy workers, co-creation
  • Ra, solar logo powers and Elohim Consciousness Initiation
  • Antaryamin: being a channel for many ascended masters and angels
  • The Crystalline Being – completion of Karma and all lives

The highest results will be obtained after sufficient purification through the Elohim Sacred Gardens of Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis, Horus or the Initiations Elohim tincture: Sekhmet – Hathor – Isis Horus.

Additional Information
Every time you visit the Elohim sacred gardens you will complete a step of your self-realisation path. The highest level of pyramid initiation can occur when the other initiation steps (through the gardens or self-realisation tinctures) are integrated and when your multidimensional mastery, crystalline self and your Pillar of Light have become permanent (the installation of which takes place in your body and Merkivah (double pyramid) during the Cosmic Fire workshop). Thereafter, you will be able to function easily and simultaneously in your crystalline non-dual dimensions and Upper world as well as your dual world on the Earth, as an enlightened master, divine spark and immortal body (ethereal double).

The Great Pyramid also resides within the Earth as an invisible, reversed form, known as the Merkivah.
The visible, upper part of the pyramid activates your completed Cosmic Human, living in the midst of duality. The invisible, underside of the pyramid is anchored deep within the new Earth, the lower chakra’s and in the world of matter. It represents your realised and initiated spiritual life that is conscious of the All-Oneness, that carries Mother Earth, all humans, nature realms and the Upper world in the infinite we-heart.

The ultraviolet blue pyramid frequencies and activations felt at the Elohim Sacred Site are very rare as they can only arise when the pyramid is activated in its highest form by an Initiate while it is positioned exactly north-south, without disturbance resonating with the Earth’s magnetic field, by using the correct materials and when it has the exact measurements and scales as the Cheops pyramid.