Pillar of Light – Sekinah

Pillar of lightEnlightened, Multi-Dimensional Pillar of Light
Sooner or later you evolve towards self-realisation – the enlightened 13-level Consciousness – where all of your incarnations and soul parts come together. Your full potential starts to unfold. Powers and qualities acquired during your life times become fully developed and you realise your destiny in your current life. Your chakras are purified and enlightened step by step to form multi-dimensional Pillar of Light. You serve your surroundings and your cosmic path and full potential find their place in the material world and new Earth.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Pillar of Light – Sekinah garden can be physically experienced at Elohim and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.

Do any of the below apply to you?

Are you “different”, more sensitive, intuitive and more conscious than those around you? Do you sense thoughts, spheres or nature? Does your system strongly react to positive or negative energy?
Do you feel vulnerable? During childhood, did you struggle to understand why people act the way they do?Do you have the desire to help people?
Have you ever felt misunderstood?Are you searching for something that you cannot find?

The Pillar of Light – Sekinah Garden and Organic Tincture help you to achieve:

  • Gentle, protective, unconditional Sekinah-Love into your cells and behaviour
  • Connectedness, wellness and good health
  • Your full potential for Spiritual Gifts and higher senses
  • Healing powers, clear knowing, clear hearing and clear feeling
  • Openness and karmic purification of your kundalini channel and mastery
  • Helping people as a multidimensional channel for angels and the upper world
  • Strong ‘sensing antennas’
  • Your life purpose, activating co-creation power, service, magical power and dragon powers
  • Higher integrity and the internal Sacred Marriage, you lift up your surroundings
  • Effortlessness and we-feeling in your behaviour and work
  • Integration of the newest Earth frequencies and dolphin matrix, working together with the upper world