Twin Ray & Inner Sacred Marriage

tweelingstraal 2013Enlightened Relationships
To complete your inner Sacred Marriage means to merge your male and female attitudes into one. Have you been fortunate enough to meet a twin-soul – someone who touches you on a deeper level than you have experienced in any other relationship? If so, you will have found that pain and happiness can be felt on a deeper soul-level. Enlightened relationships like this can only arise after the inner Sacred Marriage is complete. The Elohim garden and bio-tincture help in this process.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Twin Ray and Inner Sacred Marriage garden can be physically experienced at the Elohim Sacred Site and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.


Do you recognize this?

Are you deeply touched by a twin-soul?Do you love another more than he/she loves you?
Do you experience pushing/pulling in your relationships?Is it easier for you to show your strong side than your vulnerable, loving side? Or vice versa?
Do you want to stop being unfaithful in your relationships and to yourself? Are you afraid of abandonment or to surrender on a deeper level?Is your sexuality free? Would you like to learn how to combine power and practicality with a your higher conscious and sensitivity?

The Twin Ray & Inner Sacred Marriage Garden and Organic Tincture help you to:

  • Support all that is inside yourself, stop ‘giving away’ your energy, become powerful and clear and get things done!
  • Restore the connection between your complementary twin-ray consciousness and put a stop to any pushing/pulling in your relationships
  • The highest male-female oneness, God-Goddess, descents into your body. This helps in attracting your twin-flame and brings you in harmony with a deeper soul-level.
  • Heal collective male-female pain in your sexuality. Remove any negative behaviours, conditionings and attitudes that may be in the way of your true self.
  • Remove sexual aggression or passiveness. You will enter into your sexual relations from your own fullness.
  • You will open up to your own depth of crystalline and Divine sexuality, by doing so you will activate the crystalline and Divine sexuality in your partner.
  • You will see the God/Goddess in your partner and will be able to make love without giving too much or dominating
  • Harmonized processes, securities, highs and lows after learning to use your powerful male energy just as easily as your soft female attitude in everyday situations
  • Differences in your relationships dissolve bringing self-acceptance, self-value, complete peace and God-Goddess powers
  • You will no longer ‘give away’ your authority/power/strength or let your softness be stepped on

Additional Information

The healing energy of this self-realisation garden and it’s corresponding bio-tincture can also help you deal with any reactive feelings, inner child resistance and negative thoughts regarding your partner. You stop longing for the acknowledgement of your significant other and make way for finding Truth and knowledge of who you are. You learn to let the rules of the heart triumph and to no longer tolerate injustice. Without your old programming getting in the way you can attract work that makes your heart sing and an environment where you are seen and appreciated for who you truly are on a deep soul-level.

With their male power behind them, women become magical beings
Women step into leading roles to prepare society, their relationships or their families for a new era without power and dominance, an era where soul, feeling and love are just as important as thinking, external goals and actions. You use your male energy to be loyal to your own heart and sensitivity, to protect and support yourself. Once you can do that you can give from your God-Goddess without a trail of victimization, adaptation, attitude or role.

The Elohim garden and bio tincture helps the man to discover his inner feelings, we-focus, joy and sensitivity and to take that with him in his doing energy, vision and acting.