Garden of Elves – Inner Child

Elfentuin 5Core themes of the Elves – Inner child garden

  • Is your sensitivity causing you to feel unsafe and insecure? Does this go unnoticed by others? Do you want to connect your power with your openness, innerchild and softness?
  • Would you like to live by your gut feelings, with softness and subtleness?
  • Would you like to be able to sense other realms, nature beings and communicate with them?
  • Would you like to be less stressed in your work, relations and financial situations?

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Garden of the Elves can be physically experienced by visiting the Elohim Sacred Site and by means of our own specially produced organic tinctures.


The Elves – Inner child self-realisation garden and organic tincture help to further your healing and development in the following ways:

  • Embody your True Nature, crystalline vulnerability, gentleness and innocence, become free of identifications, worries and astral fields
  • From head to core/belly, less serious. Take on and experience life as a joyfull, light(footed), embracing, enjoying game from moment to moment
  • This garden helps you to trust your intuition and subtle sensing antennas. From that state you will learn to speak and act in a powerfull way (coming from your core)
  • Your creative, happy sexual flow awakens and becomes stronger. Old habbits and patterns disappear
  • Balance between structure and flexibility, power and sensitivity
  • Enlightened inner child, pure, lightfooted, happy, inner safety. Carefree, joyfull, spontaneus and from trust within collaborating with Mother nature and the nature spirits
  • You become less reactive, you feel less resistance. You go with the flow and surrender to ‘what is’
  • You receive grounding and safety for you inner child, first and second chakra

Physical and Mental Effects

  • High light frequencies in the cells increase flow throughout your body
  • Helps with problems in the neck, shoulders, lymph system, intestines, bladder, liver, kidneys, prostate, menstrual system
  • Helps with iron deficiency, fatigue, diabetes, haemorrhoids, fat and waste removal