Cube – Initiation Path – Geometric Form

Cube, elohim centreCube represents the Earth
The Cube is one of the five platonic forms from which all creation is built. This programmed and activated geometric shape represents the Earth, your grounding, vigor and is a masculine form. The programmed Elohim Cube also helps you reach a higher consciousness and Divine Spark. It activates your strength and courage, making you fearless and bringing protection.

The self-realisation and healing energy of Cube site can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of Elohim and by means of our activated and programmed mountain crystals.

Is this you?

Do you have trouble standing up for yourself?Do you have trouble grasping your inner light?
Do you feel tired after healing others?Would you like to expand your consciousness and bring it into practice?
Do you have too much mind-activity? Do you lack energy, boldness and inner confidence?

The Cube anchors your sensitivity and light in a world of duality, money, sex, relationships and matter and helps you to keep standing in your light. The activated Elohim Cube also brings order, structure, purposefulness and resolves fear of domination, influence and authority. The Cube keeps you on track and prevents your feelings from wandering. You willingly take responsibility as a co-creator of your life and that of others. It helps you to enlighten society, embrace the love and light stream, by letting it flow and not holding it back. You don’t condemn the shadow energy.

The Cube activates you as a Natural Healer, Magical Worker and Shaman

It brings white magic to your life. As a highly sensitive person, you’re able to feel strong and stand up in a material world full of power struggles. It shows you where your ego is still attached, making you humble and subservient. The Cube expands your consciousness regarding money, sex, disease and matter. Dimensional portals, star portals and your 5-9 dimensional body (which you know from Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria) are opening. The activated and programmed Elohim cube purifies any smoke screens that may surround you so that you can apply the Knowledge, Wisdom and Gifts from the Source. The Cube purifies your light bodies and star descent, the patterns of your ancestors and your DNA. This also occurs in your collective matrixes, made up of many lives and soul groups. It realigns your entire system with the Earth, Galaxy and the Source. These levels of consciousness begin to vibrate with the Christ Grid for the new era.

The activated cube brings you grounding, safety, protection and makes you free from spiritual arrogance and ego-bounding. It helps you to detach from self-importance, or in other cases, insecurity. It guides you to your inner feelings. Your body will be a sacred site for intuition, magic and healing.


Additional information
The cube helps you to master the powers of the Earth’s magnetism and the electrifying cosmic forces/love. These powers can then be used in healing. If you can live from the light within, while you are part of this dualistic world, you will wear the black and white Pentagram of Sananda (Jesus with the Christ Force) and become a Dragon Rider. You develop more awareness about matter and body and bring heaven on Earth. There is the drive to make the spiritual fire, knowledge and insights practical, therefore, you can call the Cube, archangel Jophiel or the strength of the totem Bear.

All creation is made up of five geometric shapes. All of these forms, plus the Merkaba, have healing powers. They are for sale online via our website or in the Elohim shop as a rock crystal form, available as a set or separately. For initiation, place an Elohim Cube – activated and programmed by Joke – around your home, bed or aura (preferably together with the other 4 geometric shapes). You will experience a huge healing, balancing and harmonizing effect.