Pentagon Dodecahedron – Initiation path geometric forms

dodecaederbestefotoDivine Powers, Knowledge and Magic, Merlin-forces
The Pentagon Dodecahedron, Pillar of Light, Divine Powers, Knowledge and Magic, Merlin-forces.
The Dodecahedron is connected to the element Ether (also known as prana, 0-zone, or tachyon). The secret knowledge of Ether is “as above, so below.” You must live out your cosmic blueprint on Earth. All higher dimensions, including your Divine State of Oneness, are integrated into your Earthly life. This means, you are EVERYTHING! You are the angels, the Gods and the light masters – you are one with the Source. The Dodecahedron teaches you that everything is a hologram.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Pentagon Dodecahedron site can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of Elohim and by means of our activated and programmed mountain crystals

 Is this you?

Would you like to reconnect with your true nature?Do you want to work for the unity of the new people and Earth?
Do you want to find the angel in yourself?Would you like to become a healing magician?

Healing energy
The Dodecahedron has twelve sides, each side in the shape of a pentagon. The Dodecahedron’s were buried in the Earth from ancient times to hold the 12 layers of consciousness (dimensions), Gods Forces, and God’s gifts during the Galactic Night that came upon Earth. Before the year 1200, the power of the Dodecahedron brought great fear to the people, you could even be killed if you said the word “Dodecahedron”. The power had to stay top secret and would only be revealed to those that had been initiated.
During this time of Aquarius, the Dodecahedron is available for those with full potential who have started to realize the multidimensional self, with all 12 dimensions of consciousness, all gifts, and creative powers. The programmed and activated Elohim Dodecahedron, together with the Icosahedron, brings you in touch with your path of self-realization, the power of Christ and ultimately God-Realization (placing your Divine Spark on Earth). To arrive at this point, you need to completely surrender and continue the path of initiation. The Elohim Angels, workshops and private sessions that you encounter will also guide you further along this path.

The Elohim Dodecahedron (which is connected to other forms) strengthen your Pillar of Light, Divine Powers, Cosmic Knowledge, Gifts and Magic from the absolute, so that you can further your development and servitude. It helps you to be a magician, to carry much prana or life energy in your body and to work with the healing powers of Merlin. It activates your fire power and encourages you to continue working on your enlightenment. You merge more with your greater spiritual awareness, the bigger ‘we’ picture and accept more social responsibility. Your ‘I’ position (regarding your feelings, opinions, questions and thoughts) is widened to a ‘we’ position.
The Dodecahedron integrates and purifies the karma of ancient Egyptian initiations, knowledge and love. Old powers will be transformed and you find balance between your inner male and female.

Additional information
All creation is made up of five geometric shapes. All of these forms, plus the Merkaba, have healing powers. They are for sale in the Elohim shop as a rock crystal form, available as a set or separately. For initiation, place an Elohim Dodecahedron – activated and programmed by Joke – around your home, bed or aura (preferably together with the other 4 geometric shapes). You will experience a huge healing, balancing and harmonizing effect.

When a Dodecahedron is in your home, it helps everyone to reconnect with their True Nature. The Dodecahedron provides you, your home and your contacts with cosmic energy, consciousness and forces. It charges your soul with Archangel Metatron, Ra, Horus, the solar logos, Helion and the totem power of the eagle and falcon who you can invoke for help and healing. Together with the Icosahedron, the Dodecahedron touches you deep within your Christ Consciousness and invites you to use your egoless Christ Power and Gifts to work towards the unity of the ‘new’ People, Earth…the Oneness. While surrendering yourself to the Christ Power, the guidance to God Realization and Servitude will be expand.