Octahedron – Initiation path geometric forms

Octahedron, elohim centreActivate your higher gifts and knowledge
The programmed and activated Elohim Octahedron has eight sides, like two pyramids with their bottoms together. It guides you towards a feeling of Oneness. It helps you to control and quiet your mind. You are less withdrawn and controlling and you stop distrusting the motives and thoughts of others who are different. It starts to set up structures that help you to control and quieten your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It purifies your base chakra and belly chakra, resulting in living more from your body and flow than from your mind.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Octahedron site can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of Elohim and by means of our activated and programmed mountain crystals.

Is this you?

Do you want to feel one with the All?Connect to your joyous inner child again?
Problems with trusting others?Do you want to integrate higher powers in your daily life?
You get tired from to many thoughts?Problems in your base- and belly chakra?

The Elohim octahedron strongly charges you with vital energy and opens up your kundalini and light bodies for your full potential. You can ‘step down’, be humble instead of arrogant and consider the opinions of others as well as your own. It helps you not to judge and to become cleaner in your thoughts and to live from a higher spiritual insight, overview and inspiration. It helps you to ground this in your ‘daily life’ functioning. The pain and me-focus in your heart will be purified so that your pure Divine heart can become one with your solar plexus attitude, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It activates the Pillar of Light in you and connects you with the nature spirits, their kingdoms and the Anastasia-and-Merlin-consciousness.

Octahedron reconnects your separated painful inner child
with the joyous, magical child that is serving your true Self. You begin speaking clearly and expressing your inspiration. The Octahedron helps to purify your star lives, light bodies, and your collective karma. It activates your higher gifts and knowledge and grounds it deep within your body. It opens your 6-9 dimensional star gates, parallel lives, other realities and time lines. Your mind shift is stabilized and your subtle true self is grounded and connected with Gaia. No longer will you be forgetful, arrive on the wrong day, stub your toe or get an insect bite.

The Octahedron guides you to your awakened, realized state. You start functioning from your gut feeling and anchor the higher dimensions of your soul and light bodies into your behaviour and body. The times where you lived mostly within yourself, your mind, your will, emotions and personality start to diminish. You engage yourself in the whole. The Octahedron expands your 12-fold consciousness, releasing your enlightened inner child. It activates the 4 initiation paths within you and works with the 12 masters.

Additional information
Octahedron is also the Merkivah, which is placed in your aura during the Elohim Workshop “Cosmic Fire”. The Merkivah is the consciousness-vehicle of your light bodies and Divine Spark which helps you to incorporate the divine signals into your everyday (soul) life. The octahedron helps you to live from the integrity of your crystalline self, to bring heaven on Earth and find your life path and soul’s destiny. Those that embody this state of Being and knowledge into their base chakra can become a healer and teacher on the level of Self-realisation, however, the state of enlightenment and God-realisation has not been reached at this time.

All creation is made up of five geometric shapes. All of these forms, plus the Merkaba, have healing powers. They are for sale online via our website or in the Elohim shop as a rock crystal form, available as a set or separately. For initiation, place an Elohim Octahedron – activated and programmed by Joke – around your home, bed or aura (preferably together with the other 4 geometric shapes). You will experience a huge healing, balancing and harmonizing effect.