Initiation Path of the Tetrahedron (Geometric Forms)

tetrahedron, elohim centreBalance on all levels
The Tetrahedron helps you to take the next step forwards. It helps you to integrate your life lessons before moving on. It brings balance and cooperation between opposites, like: masculine and feminine, earthly and cosmic, me and we. In the material world, this means learning to deal with opposites while you are using your compassionate and conscious Christ Heart. The Tetrahedron makes you focus on more meaningful or larger issues that can arise from dealing with opposites. The Elohim Tetrahedron helps you to solve any duality, karma and disputes while at the same time attracting positivity. It helps you to understand and detach from your ego.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Octahedron site can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of Elohim and by means of our activated and programmed mountain crystals.

Is this you?

Do you want to rise above ego desires?Do you need guidance to integrate your life lessons before taking your next step?
Would you like to develop greater insight and overview?Do you experience problems with opposites?
Do you want more joy and attract more positivity in your life?Are you looking for more passion and inspiration?

This geometrical shape activates your good will, essence, joy and tolerance. Within you, a desire for more inspiration, passion, love and Oneness arises, as this shape belongs to the element Fire. You rise from your rational 3rd and love 3rd dimension (which is based on conditions and fear), to the higher level of your soul, passion and Christ Heart. You become more conscious of treating others like you want to be treated. You feel less separated and alone.

As your consciousness rises to a state of Oneness
you experience feelings of abundance and desire to be in nature and help others. It’s important to deal with your relations from this higher perspective of unity. With your inner wisdom, you will also start to understand why you attract relations with similar patterns and a common consciousness. In this way, your partners and situation you are in, are learning tools for yourself. You either see a reflection of yourself in your partner or you see unsolved aspects of the shadow parts of yourself that need to transform. This knowledge brings compassion and tolerance.

Additional information

The Tetrahedron stops you being influenced by undercurrents, overruling behaviour, anger or critics. It teaches you to handle relation-energy without fear. Pain, suffering and sadness were used as learning tools but are now replaced by insight and awareness. You will experience more joy, peace and harmony in your life.

All creation is made up of five geometric shapes. All of these forms, plus the Merkaba, have healing powers. They are for sale online via our website or in the Elohim shop as a rock crystal form, available as a set or separately. For initiation, place an Elohim Tetrahedron – activated and programmed by Joke – around your home, bed or aura (preferably together with the other 4 geometric shapes). You will experience a huge healing, balancing and harmonizing effect.