Star Dodecahedron (Christ consciousness) – Initiation path geometric forms

Christusgrid + kristallijnen tuin 2015Bridge to God-realisation
This activated and programmed geometric form helps you to become visible and stand for unity, purity and love. The more pure and visible your subtle and higher soul becomes, the more your Oneness Consciousness (or Christ Consciousness) grows and you start to approach life from a new level. This new approach begins in your heart, vision and mind and later moves to your behaviour, you start to act from your gut feeling. To embody the power of Christ in all chakras first we need to go through personal and collective cleansing to detach from the need to have (light) friends and material things. The Christ in you is the bridge between yourself (the Pillar of Light), your soul and God-realization.

The self-realisation and healing energy of the Star Dodecahedron site can be physically experienced in the sacred gardens of Elohim and by means of our activated and programmed mountain crystals.

 Is this you?

How much do religions and systems influence your behaviour?What results will you experience after living from your Christ Heart?
Do you need help to express purely what you think?Looking forward to God-realization?
How can you live from your Christ Heart?Want to become a channel for the source?

Healing energy
This programmed and activated Christ form reconnects your personality, subtle soul and divinity so that they no longer live separately. It brings truth, a more spiritual life and connection with the original brother and sisterhood. Cosmic Laws, energy forces, inspiration, spirit and passion bring you towards God-realization with absolute purity. Using the Christ consciousness you stay connected with all souls, including twin souls and to the Cosmic Christ. This connection creates the Christ network in yourself, on Earth and in the spheres – you become a keeper. The activated Christ form guides every soul that is in contact with their Higher Self to experience the Oneness of the entire Universe.

After sufficient growth, karmic (soul group) cleansing and initiations, you will be united with the cosmic Christ. You follow the Divine will, this means unconditional love and truth. Personal love and desires of the ego do not sabotage you any longer. As a personal and Cosmic Christ, you stay stable during periods of illness, emotion and fear. While part of a group or relationship, you will always act from your pure, but forceful, heart consciousness. You do not break people down, but try to broaden their awareness and when others need to continue along their path of development you are able to let them go, you don’t cling to them. Your personality will be available for the Source. You surrender to the Sekinah, God Realization and All-Oneness, which travels through your whole body chakra. Structures, systems, rules and religions do not determine your behaviour and actions any longer. The avatar: living manifestation of the Cosmic Christ, knows rules are necessary for your group or organization but the Christ in you does not need outside authorities; he / she automatically does what is necessary for the other person, group or organization. Many people live mainly from the (spiritual) mind and will and are focused on matter, confirmation (light friends and others) attention or sex. There is a split between personal life and the higher light parts.

The activated Christ consciousness opens your Christ Heart. As a result of this, you will bring softness, subtlety and truth to your dealings and work unit, although it may not always be heard. Your higher light parts and Christ won’t be denied in any environment or situation. After you have overcome the strong focus on your will, your opinion or your purpose, the surrendering arises in you. You will be the avatar, the channel for the source, the living manifestation of the Cosmic Christ.

Additional information

The Elohim Angels with their over radiant consciousness help you to reach the ultimate unity of your soul, your higher Self and your Divine Self. The power of Christ leads you to full enlightenment / God Realization and helps you to express purely what you do, think and feel.

All creation is made up of five geometric shapes. All of these forms, plus the Merkaba, have healing powers. They are for sale online via our website or in the Elohim shop as a rock crystal form, available as a set or separately. For initiation, place an Elohim Star Dodecahedron – activated and programmed by Joke – around your home, bed or aura (preferably together with the other 4 geometric shapes). You will experience a huge healing, balancing and harmonizing effect.