Organic Tinctures from the Sacred Healing Gardens

Self-Realisation and Healingtinctures
At the Elohim Centre, we provide a wide variety of powerful, organic self-realisation tinctures. Each tincture has its own unique range of effects. Tinctures support you in many different ways. They are particularly good at clearing your path of obstacles that have been keeping you from functioning freely from your soul, Divine gifts, health, true essence and unity with nature. You will feel encouraged and ready to take the next step along your path of true self-realisation.

Self-Realisation Tinctures
The self-realisation tinctures are empowered with the Divine energies from the gardens of the Elohim sacred site. The tinctures carry the original cosmic love-consciousness and the multidimensional Earth powers. They anchor your original oneness, pulling it through your whole body. These tinctures will help you to become whole, full and complete. As a shining Earth-Angel, you will encourage those around you to do the same.


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The self-realisation tinctures support spiritual growth, enlightened in and external relations, chakra development, clear gifts, inner child, life destiny, Crystalline being, soul, Pillar of light. The tinctures are deeply beneficial, on a spiritual, karmic, emotional, relational, physical and DNA level. Your highest light anchors in the Earthly world of money, emotions, sex, behavior and health!


When ordering 4 or more tinctures you can make use of a discount of 30%.


Usage of the tinctures
The tinctures come in bottles of 30 milliliter. The tinctures are 100% organic and alcohol based.
The tinctures can be put near you (nightstand, desk, table), worn, or taken orally (between the 3 and 10 drops one to three times a day; use your intuition.
One up to three tinctures can be used at a time. Use each tincture as a personal development step for several months