Elohim community and spiritual centre

Enjoy The Oneness Of Everything
In the small living-working community of Elohim, the “Diamond City”, we live and work in unity with nature, Mother Earth and the True Self. Life’s destiny awakens at the Elohim power place. Most residents / employees, school students and volunteers are intuitive and (partly) clairsentient. The team here live from the money paid by visitors and they also get to enjoy the super tasty, quality food that is cultivated with love in the organic gardens of the spiritual center. Wherever you are in Elohim you can sense the high life energy (Bovis 18,000 or more) and the gentle universal love and consciousness force field. We live with a feeling of abundance and are grateful for the unseen connectedness between the Devas, the angels and the ever-present higher consciousness and love in the Elohim gardens.

Give Birth to a New World
At the Elohim Centre, staff and volunteers are given the opportunity to work towards a new society as their own process takes them in the direction of awakening. As soon as one’s sense of ‘me’ expands to internal and external oneness, one develops permanent inner joy, honest and open communication, kindness and gratitude arising from their own true nature. Even during irritation or heavy workloads! By growing and expanding one’s consciousness, one can contribute to an enlightened society with non-dual conflict solutions and a ‘we’ feeling.

Together we are creating our own environment by choosing to work and live at Elohim
The Elohim Centre is a multi-dimensional environment that mirrors and awakens everyone’s full potential and beauty. An environment where people can be themselves with openness and vulnerability without leaning on others. The higher vibrations increase vitality, life energy, clear insights and health. The gift of the Sacred site, the natural oneness, knowledge and awareness are shared with the visitors during group meetings, tours and the shared meals. Together we give meaning to the new Earth.

From ‘I’ to ‘we’ society, Diamond City, the promise of a new Earth
The small Elohim “Diamond City” community has no religion and is based on everyone’s free choice. The community leaves old patterns behind and searches for new ‘we’ roads and wishes to respect food, rocks, animals, plants, the unseen worlds and the environment. The Elohim living-working community features an atmosphere of honesty, lightness, transparency, openness. You are yourself, you are in connection with everything and you feel free of tension and undercurrents – you feel at home.  

Everyone’s True Nature houses a driving force that is focused on the evolutionary path to live and work in oneness
Do you want to activate and feed your own joy, planetary contribution and true nature?