Vision of the Elohim Centre

Purpose and Vision of the Elohim Centre and Sacred Site

The goal of the spiritual Elohim Centre and Sacred Site is to build a new society and to live and work in harmony with all other realms (Mother Earth, the Nature Spirits and the Angelic Kingdoms). 

Self-realisation, open-mindedness, sensitivity to and Oneness with each other, helps the home-work-community to create a great atmosphere. Staff members, friends and volunteers strive to live and work from the true Self, while discovering and exploring their talents and missions. The Elohim Sacred Site is a power place and works like a healing ‘acupuncture needle’ for the world’s soul. Everything that happens on the Sacred Site has an effect on the collective world consciousness. That’s why community members come to contribute their talents and hearts to build a new ‘we’ society that is not driven by the ego.

Through our working and living in collective consciousness, our community has a direct impact on the greater collective conciseness of the World. We are thus contributing to the evolution of a new Golden Age on Earth, an age in which we all work in Oneness and manifest through collective consciousness. 



Just like any other nonsubsidised business, the Elohim Centre needs to be productive and profitable, however the main goal is to work happily together and share responsibilities.

Elohim would like to be a leading example of a new way to manage a company and team with passion and joy. For many years, the Elohim team has successfully pioneerd with this approach. That’s why they also teach other leaders how to manage their organisations and teams on new ways of achieving equality and productivity.


Naturally, everybody desires goodness. Through self-realisation and a broadened awareness/love, we experience everything as a part of ourselves and feel that we belong to a bigger picture or group. If the desire for goodness can flow naturally from our essence and true Self, rather than from our false ego, happiness can arise. With heart and hands together, we can support society and nature in Oneness.